Dip Crim, MA, LLM, OAM

Solicitor and Barrister

Ted Bramble

Ted specialises solely in acting for persons charged by police and for persons involved in appeals from licence decisions made by Roads and Maritime Services.

Ted appears on behalf of defendants in a diverse range of matters involving allegations of assault, theft, robbery, drug matters, and fraud. If a person is charged by police, then Ted can handle the case. This also includes minor and major traffic matters and complaints brought against the defendant for an Apprehended Violence Order.

He also appears for defendants in Children’s Court criminal cases.

Decisions made by Magistrates can be appealed either with regard to a penalty that seems excessive in the circumstances or where a finding of guilt has been made. Ted undertakes this work and frequently appears in the District Courts at Sydney and Campbelltown. Before a decision is made to appeal, the matter should be discussed and, as always, the possible benefits need to be weighed against the cost.

If you are considering engaging Ted as your Solicitor he will be pleased to discuss with you the costs involved, the decision of whether to plead guilty or not guilty, and whether you may qualify for Legal Aid.